Photo's, high quality video, and software tools. Thats what Lyramic is all about.
But be sure your connection is at least 20 Mbit if you plan to take a look at the video clips here.

Living in Amsterdam has it's priorities. A fast internet connection is one of them. That may come in handy, especially for a IT specialist who is willing to share a bunch of media and where the existing sharing sites do not provide enough space and speed to hold all this.

The photo and video galleries will get filled with some very nice material. Hope you enjoy!
The video galleries are fully functional now, the photo galleries a bit later.

About the video

The video clips here are all HD MP4 files and require a fast connection to play. Your own Windows Mediaplayer is used to play them. If your computer cannot play a clip, take a look at the Software section to download the latest video compression pack.

Oh, and yes - this site will only work on Windows, and most likely in Internet Explorer 8 and up only.







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Share your video in any quality you want, without conversion.